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Glues, adhesives and sealants

Glues, adhesives and sealant production increased 6%, in 2007, most noteworthy being sales to automotive, packaging and civil construction industries. Segment companies maintained their investments in new products and applications, such as hot melts and adhesives without aromatic solvents, apart from their efforts to communicate new technologies.

In compliance with Article 10 of Anvisa Resolution 345, that establishes that associations representing the glues and adhesives manufacturers segment had to submit, by December 31st 2007, research aiming at the addition of denaturants to the products, the Glues, Adhesives and Sealants Sectoral Committee requested the Technological Research Institute (IPT) to provide a technical report on the use of denaturants (a substance with a repulsive odor without toxicological effects). The report drafted by the IPT was forwarded to Anvisa.

The impacts on the sector of the Inmetro Administrative Rule establishing the need to homologate the packaging used in overland transportation of hazardous chemical products, were also discussed. The specific cases of some kinds of plastic containers and tins were analyzed.

The Committee continued, in 2007, the process to revise the technical rules for adhesives within the scope of the Brazilian Chemistry Committee (CB=10) of the Technical Rules Brazilian Association (ABTN). Monitoring and updating of information in Abiquim's internet site Glues, Adhesives and Sealants channel was another activity carried out by the Committee.

Participating companies:3M, Air Products, Amazonas, Arch Química, Basf, Bayer, Brascola, Braskem, Cabot, Clariant, Corn Products, Cytec, Henkel, Kraton, Lord, Nitriflex, Oxiteno, Petroflex, Petroquímica União, Rhodia Poliamida, Rohm and Haas.

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